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        WHO ARE WE

        HPRT is one of the world-leading supplier specialized in designing and manufacturing POS printer, mobile printer and label printer. HPRT product can always satisfy rapidly changing market demands as we have experienced and innovative R&D team. We offer our customers with products combined with advanced technology, superior quality, competitive price and worry-free services.

        WHY HPRT

        Your Future, Printed


        22 printer mechanism production lines, 13 printer production lines.


        Over 300 patent awards.


        Nearly 2000 employees, including more than 300 engineers in the R&D team.


        Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries and have nearly 120 partners.


        Professional printer manufacturer

        SMT Production Lines


        Printer Production Lines

        Category Area Covered (sq.m.) Workshop Covered (sq. m.)
        Huli Manufacturing Base 2,965 14,824
        Tong'an Manufacturing Base 19,195 21,056
        Total 22,160 35,880

        Company Culture

        Efficiency makes the brand, and integrity creates the future


        Make everyone see what they mean


        Provide the most prominent print solution by professional technology and service Be the world's leading print brand


        Continued improvement Constant progress

        Core Value

        Print the world, print the future

      3. Integrity

        Integrity is the first principle of enterprise development, only integrity management can stand still for a long run.

      4. Pursuit of Excellence

        Pursue the best quality, to make the highest quality products with craftsmanship.

      5. Universal Love

        Begin with oneself, learn to use caring language and caring expression, for oneself and for others.

      6. Win-win Cooperation

        Cooperation is indispensable for development of modern society, and fighting alone is destined to fail.

      7. Practice

        Be sure to think and do.

      8. Innovation

        Dare to be the first, try and create the new thing.

      9. Organization

        Product quality is strictly controlled

        • Software Dept. and Hardware Dept.

          Responsible for development and tests of firmware for printer and printer mechanism

        • DQA Dept.

          Responsible for reliability tests of printer and printer mechanism

        • Mechanical Dept.

          Responsible for appearance design and confirmation as well as mechanical structure design

        • Engineering Dept.

          Responsible for product trial production, technical support, jig design and making,etc.

        • System Application Dept.

          Responsible for printer driver development, SDK writing and mobile device application development

        300 R&D Staff
        70% Bachelor Degree or Above


        Watch the video to learn more about HPRT