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        Mobile Thermal Label Printer

          ? Support Hanma Application.

          ? 5 rolls can be printed once fully charged (print rate 20%).

          ? Support rolls up to 50mm O.D.

          ? HM-T360 is applicable for the paper roll of 30 to 80mm. 

          ? Support black mark paper roll, jewelry label and shelf label.

          ? Compact and light, printing labels anytime anywhere. 

        Print SpecificationsPrint MethodDirect thermal
        Resolution300 dpi (12dots/mm)
        Print Speed40mm/s 
        Print Width2’’(Max.54mm)3’’(Max.72mm)
        EmulationHanma print Protocol
        Print MediaMedia TypeThermal label 
        Jewelry label paper, Asset management label (Cable)
        Linerless paper
        Media Width20 to 58mm30 to 80mm
        Paper Container Max. 50mm
        Paper Outlet DirectionUpward
        Communication InterfaceStandardBluetoothBluetooth,USB Type-C
        SensorDimensionsBlack mark sensor, gap sensor, out-of-paper   sensor, battery voltage sensor,cover open sensor, TPH over temperature sensor
        Hardware ConfigurationCPUARM Cortex-M4
        RAM2 MB 
        Flash768 KB
        Battery3.7V/2600mAh Lion Battery7.4V/1000mAh Lion Battery
        Electrical ParametersInputAC100~240V, 50/60 Hz
        SoftwareDriver/Utility ToolV/A

        Windows 7/8/10

        Windows Server 2008/2012/2016

        ReliabilityTPH Life30km
        Drop Height1.5m 
        Environmental ParametersOperation

        0~40℃, relative humidity 10~85%, non condensing


        -10~60℃, relative humidity 10~90%, non condensing  

        Physical ParametersDimension85×80×80mm112×84×78mm
        CertificationCCC, SRRC

        Drivers and Manuals

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