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          Support multiple ways to print

          ? Support Wi-Fi connection

          ? Light and portable body with beautiful design

          ? External battery, long standby time

          Sublimation laminating technology, dustproof, waterproof and fade-proof

          ? Choose the size of the photo by your needs


        ? Tiny and Light-weight, One-hand Operation

        ? Printing via Bluetooth

        ? Multiple Picture Formats Supported, User Friendly

        ? Only One Consumable Needed (combined ribbon, photographic paper, lamination)

        ? Thermal Sublimation Printing, Automatic Lamination and Permanent Preservation

        ? Easy to Switch AR Printing Mode between “On” and “Off”


        ?  High print resolution up to 300 dpi
        ?  Compact size
        ?  Unique AR printing
        ?  Thermal dye sublimation technology
        ?  Laminate automatically after printing
        ?  Convenient WiFi connection