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        Handheld Ultra-High Frequency RFID Sled

          ?  Excellent ultra-high frequency RFID reader-writer performance

          ?  Large-capacity battery with 3200mAh

          ?  Separate power supply for RFID reader-writer and handheld device battery

          ?  Ergonomic design brings comfortable grip feeling

          ?  Tailored mounting kit to connect PDA with RFID reader-writer

          ?  Novel appearance with all-in-one industrial design

          ?  Adopt double-colored injection molding for the housing

        Communication InterfaceSerial interface (POGO PIN)
        Connection MethodThrough connecting the handheld device sleeve accessories with handheld device
        RFID ModuleSupport EPC Class 1 Gen 2(ISO 18000-6C) protocol
        Working frequency 840~960MHz

        1W(30dBm, Supporting +5~+30dBm adjustable)

        Circularly polarized antenna (3.5dBi)

        Typical reading distance can reach 5 meters (reading distance is relevant to the label and environment)

        LED Indicator2 simultaneous LED indicators, showing red, green, yellow and blue
        Battery3200mAh detachable Lion battery, with charging time of 3 hours
        Protection LevelIP54
        Charging Power Supply5V/2A charge by desktop charging cradle
        Working Environment
        Working temperature: -20℃ to 50℃;storage temperature: -40℃ to 60℃

        Drivers and Manuals

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